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Bands battle to support Cochise Aggies Club

Story and photos by Jasmine Lopez

DOUGLAS — The Cochise College Ag Club hosted a battle of the bands event April 23 at the Cochise College Douglas campus to raise funds to build a greenhouse.

The warm spring evening welcomed more than 100 community members of all ages to help the club raise about $2,000. The event began with Cochise Has Talent, where staff, faculty and students showed off their musical talent. Some of the acts include: Billy Powers, Ricardo Rubio, Gladys Aragon and Dean Jolly.

After Cochise Has Talent, the Battle of the Bands commenced with a lineup of eight bands from all over Cochise County: Greenwire, Earthpicks, Little Sugar, I.N.V.U, Sounds of the Most High, Psychedelics, Wild Bill and the Chaos and Sabor Latino Legacy.

David Nieves of Sabor Latino.

David Nieves of Sabor Latino.

Little Sugar opened the battle with folk blues music. The six-piece band also features a fiddle player, who added a fresh sound to their music. I.N.V.U followed. The three-piece band, whose members are Luis and Hector Canez and Arturo Arvizu, played ’70s and ’80s rock music from bands such as KISS and the Romantics. The audience was excited throughout I.N.V.U’s set and danced and sang along to many covers including “What I Like About You.”

Sabor Latino Legacy then took the stage and gave the audience a taste of the Mexican culture found in the city of Douglas. Sabor Latino Legacy is a Mexican band consisting of five members: David Nieves, Danny Gomez, Aaron Rios, Javier Rios and Frank Zamora. Nieves of Sabor Latino Legacy was thrilled to play for an fundraiser to support an important club.

“I think this event is very well put together, the location is perfect and the purpose of it is for a great cause, the Ag club deserves a green house” said Nieves. Nieves and the members of Sabor Latino ended up in a tie for first place with Little Sugar. Continue Reading »

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Dance Club hosts spring Zumbathon with reggae twist

Participant in this year's spring Zumbathon collectively dance in their brightly colored, reggae-themed clothes to the popular song "Uptown Funk" by Bruno Mars, while being led by the Summit Fitness Zumba team.

Participant in this year’s spring Zumbathon collectively dance in their brightly colored, reggae-themed clothes to the popular song “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars, while being led by the Summit Fitness Zumba team.

Story and photo by Gavin Hungerford

SIERRA VISTA — Cochise College’s Dance Club hosted its biannual “Zumbathon” on Friday, April 10, to help raise both awareness for the club and money so that the club may perform at the Arizona State Fair.

The Cochise Dance club typically meets four days a week with a different style of dance each time, ranging from line dance to hip hop. Twice a year, organizers from the club hold a get together in which members of the community are welcome to participate in a popular dance called Zumba.

Zumba is a Latin-rooted form of dance fitness during which participants listen to upbeat music and wear bright colors to create an exciting atmosphere. Originally constructed by choreographer Alberto “Beto” Perez in the 1990s, Zumba is a fairly new take on regular ways to keep fit. Zumba has become one of the fastest workout crazes in the world, practiced in more than 180 countries with 15 million followers.

“We do two Zumbathons a year,” said Dance Club President AJ Biami. “We do another on in the fall, which is usually around late September early October for the Forgach House.” Continue Reading »

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Poetry slammers hold event at Douglas Public Library

By Jasmine Lopez

DOUGLAS — The Douglas Public Library held a poetry slam in honor of National Poetry Month and Library Week on April 16.

The slam was hosted by Eva Sierra, the president of the Poetry Club at Douglas High School and the founder of Bordertown Voices, an organization dedicated in bringing news to the Douglas and Agua Prieta area. Sierra held a poetry workshop for those who are interested in poetry and also, to prepare the participants before the actually slam.

The event opened with a poetry workshop. Participants were allotted between seven and nine minutes to brainstorm on certain prompts given by Sierra, such as “If my nana had a Facebook.” From their prompts, participants crafted poems and later read them to the small group that attended the workshop. Continue Reading »

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Students, teachers model how to ‘Dress for Success’

Tanya Biami, faculty member at Cochise College, participates in the "what not to do" part of the fashion show, sporting her tight pink miniskirt and over-the-top stilettos. She purposely came up with this outfit for laughs and to show the students a bad example of workplace wear.

Tanya Biami, faculty member at Cochise College, participates in the “what not to do” part of the fashion show, sporting her tight pink miniskirt and over-the-top stilettos. She purposely came up with this outfit for laughs and to show the students a bad example of workplace wear.

Story and photos by Tess Sims

SIERRA VISTA — On April 16, Cochise College hosted a “Dress for Success Fashion Show,” where students and teachers modeled the dos and don’ts of dressing for an interview and in the workplace.

The show, held in the Student Union on the Sierra Vista campus, was intended to give students an idea of how important first impressions are, especially during an interview. Eight Cochise College students modeled in the fashion show, each showing off a casual, business casual, and professional interview outfit.

Although the fashion show focused mainly on clothing, it also offered tips on posture, handshakes, facial hair, makeup, jewelry, and tattoos to educate students on proper etiquette for interviews and, later, at the workplace. The clothing used in the show came from Dillard’s department store, and the models got to choose out the outfits themselves with professional guidance, explained Patricia Fifield, assistant manager at Dillard’s. Continue Reading »

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Local musicians expect music careers to take off

By Alyssa Anderson

SIERRA VISTA — The members of a local band expect their music careers to take off after successfully booking multiple paid gigs throughout Cochise County.

Ricky Richter and John Hidalgo have been music partners since 2008 after meeting at Cavalry church, where they both participated in the same worship group and performed in the church band. From this point, they decided to take their music careers to the next level and created the band Exit 302, while still continuing to play in their church’s band.

Exit 302 use their music skills to create their own versions and interpretations of popular country music songs, such as “Boot Scoot and Boogey” and “Mean to Me.” Richter, the main percussionist, and Hidalgo, the band’s lead singer, perform all over Cochise County in popular places such as the Copper Queen in Bisbee, the Arena Bar in Benson and the church Move City, where they share their worship and with others through song. Continue Reading »

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Tech Club hosts Video Game Party

By Gavin Hungerford

SIERRA VISTA — Cochise College’s Technology Club hosted its first Video Game Party on Saturday, March 21 in an effort to raise awareness of the club’s presence on the Sierra Vista Campus.

The Technology Club has been providing events focusing on the technology spectrum but has struggled to gain the attention of the average Cochise student. This event was designed and organized as a test run for what may become a tradition among Cochise students and club members.

“The community of Cochise is not that active here on (the Sierra Vista) campus,” said club president Timothy Williams. “So the biggest thing is we are trying to find things to do with the community or even the student body that will get them to come out and actually do things with the campus. So, what better way of doing that than video games?”

Their strategy worked. Only three participants had signed up in advance, but on the day of the event, there were 17 competitors for the club’s inaugural Super Smash Bros. Tournament. Continue Reading »

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Douglas community members protest budget cuts to education

By Jasmine Lopez

DOUGLAS—Community members, school board and council members, educators, and students of Douglas gathered on March 26 for a peaceful protest at the Douglas High School football field.

More than 100 people joined the protest against the new budget proposed by Gov. Doug Ducey, which cuts a tremendous amount education funding for Arizona schools, to include funding for colleges and universities.

Among the many familiar faces was Lucia Spikes, a Douglas native and a member of the Roe Health Board who supported the protest. Spikes believes education needs to be a priority since young people are our future leaders. She finds this budget cut especially unfair, since the money will be put toward something less important than education.

“When you support building prisons than funding education, there is something very wrong and we need to break that cycle,” said Spikes. Continue Reading »